Save time provisioning Cisco’s Unified Communications and Collaboration

Provisioning agents for Cisco’s Unified Contact Center Express can be a very time consuming activity for VoIP engineers and IT administrators. Not only do users need to be created in Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager, but administrators need to create agents in Contact Center Express. Agents are the life line of call centers, so actions must be correct and precise. But, the added steps to an already time-consuming and complex process can culminate in mistakes. Imagine calling a business and receiving a busy signal while agents sit idle? A company’s ability to move agents in and out directly correlates to the company’s bottom line. Luckily, there is a solution for companies using Cisco’s Collaboration technologies. Businesses can streamline the process and protect continuity of service by adopting akkadian Provisioning Manager Express as the tool for provisioning users, agents and devices within both Cisco’s Communications Manager, as well as Cisco’s Contact Center Express.

How akkadian Provisioning Manager Express works

From within the software’s easy-to-navigate interface, the administrator is able to manage Contact Center Express:
  • Create and enable extensions (both primary and for IPCC)
  • Create agents as well as their associations
  • Develop agents with their associated skill sets

1. Create and enable extensions

Without even accessing Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager or the Contact Center Express, the software allows you to enable directory number associations, including the primary extension and the IP Contact Center (IPCC) extension, simultaneously and all from one screen.

2. Create agents and associations

Further simplifying the provisioning process, the tool allows administrators the ability to assign application users to soft phones, as well as hard phones.

3. Assign agent skills

Finally, after creating and assigning extensions, akkadian Provisioning Manager Express allows administrators to create Contact Center Express agents and assign their skill sets. With Akkadian Labs, administrators may assign:
  • Resource group
  • Skill set
  • Competence level
  • Team assignment
  • And more

It’s easy to get started with akkadian Provisioning Manager Express

To simplify Contact Center Express provisioning, trial the solution for 30 days for free. Simply download the software to get started. Need a demo first? Contact Akkadian Labs for a demo. provisioning unified contact center express presentation Download the presentation to share how akkadian Provisioning Manager Express can simplify Cisco’s Unified Contact Center Express provisioning.