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akkadian Provisioning Manager Express Helps Firm Adopt New Collaboration Features

Since 1915, Leo A Daly has been providing designs for architecture, engineering, interiors and many other planning services. In the past century, the company has developed a solid reputation. Now internationally recognized for their work, Leo A Daly has 32 offices spread across the U.S. and several in the Middle East.

Leo A Daly migrates from a PBX system

The company recently found itself with a bit of a problem. It had an older, end of life PBX system and a Cisco Collaboration system. Leo A Daly needed to migrate over 800 users to an updated Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). Additionally, Leo A Daly wanted to update its users to newer Cisco Collaboration features. The company decided to rely on akkadian Provisioning Manager Express (aPME) as its software solution of choice. For Leo A Daly, the decision to use Akkadian Lab’s software for its migration needs came primarily down to efficiency.

Tim Milan, an Information Technology Specialist with the company, was part of the team that helped purchase and upgrade the software. For Milan and his busy team, upgrading the system had to be done quickly. While studying the upgrade, Milan discovered that the time required to provisioning each user, device and application could total 30 minutes per user.

“We needed a more efficient way than having to move through every screen on the CUCM for every user for every feature,” said Milan.

This inefficient process was not an option for the company. With over 800 employees to migrate to CUCM, the  provisioning process would have consumed 400 hours of Milan’s staff’s time; it would take one full time employee working ten 40-hour-weeks to complete the process. Milan couldn’t allow hours of one of them would have tied up Leo A Daly’s IT staff, keeping them away from more important tasks.

Using akkadian Provisioning Manager Express, Milan was able to reduce the time it takes to provision from 30 minutes per user down to just 5 seconds per user. That was all it took to convince management. But for Milan and his team at Leo A Daly, it was about more than just —Leo A Daly wanted to grow its collaboration abilities.

When Milan and his team deployed aPME, it allowed them to expand the migration and new feature adoption. Akkadian Lab’s built aPME with an easy-to-use and learn interface so Milan was able to pass provisioning responsibilities to receptionists and office administrators; to protect CUCM, Milan utilized aPME’s security features to partition the receptionist and office administrators’ access.

“The distributed workload frees up the technical staff for higher level tasks,” said Milan.

For Leo A Daly, the ROI was clear. Not only did the company save hundreds of hours on provisioning, it also increased its access to new software available through the CUCM. Milan was thankful for the recommendation to use aPME that he received from Leo A Daly’s Cisco Collaboration Partner, AOS.

“If AOS had not recommended it, we wouldn’t have known about it,” Milan said.

That one recommendation led to an effective transition, one that has satisfied the needs of Leo A Daly and its IT professionals.

Milan was quick to explain exactly why aPME has been a great addition:

“What we like best is aPME’s ease of use,” he explained. “It auto-fills everything—you add extension and user ID and everything else fills in. Creating templates was very easy.”

On working with Akkadian Labs, Milan had this to say:

“The support we received from Akkadian Labs was awesome as well. The support team was quick to reply and had great answers.”

The long provisioning time that Milan mentioned is a common complaint among IT professionals and businesses that utilize the Cisco Unified Communication environment. Like Leo A Daly, small, medium and large businesses who have utilized aPME have seen noticeable improvements on time spent provisioning; concurrently, these companies see their IT staff spending time on other projects, leading to a sizable return on investment.

Easier and Faster Cisco Provisioning

akkadian Provisioning Manager Express (aPME) will provision the following in 40 seconds: end user, extension, voicemail, device profile, jabber desktop, jabber mobile, single number reach


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