Consider UC as Part of Your Overall Security Posture

Cyber security should be a high priority for users of Cisco Unified Communications (UC) technologies. While CUCM, Unity Connection, Webex, Jabber and related collaboration software may not seem like attractive targets for hackers, such systems expose organizations to several operational cyber risks (i.e. risks associated with procedures rather than inherent in the software itself). This is particularly true as other areas of IT, such as networks and databases, get better protected. Attackers are now seeking to penetrate businesses through any exposed surface area, including UC. A compromised UC platform is a fertile ground for this kind of mischief. It’s a major problem. Research by the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) estimates that telecom fraud costs organizations and carriers over $29 billion year. You should consider ways to mitigate risks in UC. InfoSec policy can be expanded to include collaboration, which has not usually been considered in an entity’s overall security posture.

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UC Security Risks These risks may not be glamorous or high-tech, but they can still have an impact on your security vulnerability:
  • Unauthorized access to UC back end
  • Spoofing, fraud and eavesdropping
  • Misuse of UC credentials to penetrate networks and other IT assets
  • Accidental or deliberate service disruption
Mitigating Risks Mitigating UC security risks can be accomplished by:
  • Limiting access to the native UC products
  • Implementing role-based administrative privileges
  • Tracking user activity
  • Minimizing errors with a “single pane of glass”
Solution Akkadian Provisioning Manager is an enterprise grade solution which enables you to easily operationalize each of these countermeasures to the risks.

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