Company Migrating from NEC PBX Finds Cisco UC Provisioning Solution

Diverse companies, both those large, small, and from numerous industries, are using Akkadian Provisioning Manager (APM) from Akkadian Labs to simplify Cisco UC migrations. Our user base among manufacturers, especially high-tech manufacturing, has been growing. It’s no surprise, then, that when a busy automotive part supplier migrated from its legacy NEC PBX phone system to Cisco UC, the IT staff turned to us.

300 Phones Provisioned By Novice Staff

Because the team was previously using a NEC phone system, the manufacturer’s IT staff was not familiar with Cisco UC. The team did not have set procedures to look to for training. There was no one on staff staff who could write training documents, procedures, or set standards. Without a provisioning tool in place, the team was on a path to a provisioning nightmare. Plus, the added time it would take to get the staff trained was creating a significant hurdle to the company’s Cisco UC deployment. To overcome the challenge posed by their inexperience, the team turned to APM. With APM, the staff was able to provision multiple sites without the aid of experienced Cisco voice engineers. What’s more, they were able to provision 2,200 users, quickly. Tool to Ease Legacy PBX to Cisco UC Migration

PBX to Cisco UC Migration Provisioning Solution

The solution for this company and its novice staff was APM because of APM’s simplicity, speed of provisioning, and support offered by Akkadian Labs. The team needed a tool that would be easy to adopt and install. They were able to download APM directly from the Akkadian Labs website, and received support for implementation. Because of APM’s drag-and-drop functionality and intuitive interface, it was easy for the Cisco UC newbies to adopt and learn. As a result, the auto supplier was able to complete its upgrade from a NEC PBX to Cisco UC environment under time.

Faster Cisco UC Provisioning

Akkadian Provisioning Manager is a provisioning tool software solution that simplifies Cisco UC provisioning.

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