With the growth of global enterprise, Unified Communications is becoming an important buzzword. Unified Communications, or UC, lets people communicate across different media and access messages through consistent interfaces. UC helps improve business processes and manage the flow of interaction to enhance the productivity of a company.

Dig Deeper into UC with Unified Communications blogs

The following Unified Communications blogs provide a wealth of valuable content about UC, from technical specifications to advice for building a digital global community. The best unified communications blog sites from the top unified communications providers include:

1. Stay in-the-know with the authority, No Jitter

Produced by those behind Enterprise Connect, the site is updated daily with the most of-the-moment UC trends and interviews. With a full time editorial staff and contributions from leading UC consultants, No Jitter is generally thought of as the gold standard in UC news.

2. Explore the Cisco Blogs

More than just articles about UC, the Cisco blogs provide a forum for professionals from different industries to find out how UC technology can make them more profitable. The blogs are broken down by technology, industry, news and more, making it easy for visitors to learn more about how the technology can benefit them.

3. Get Updates from the UnifiedCommunications.com Blogs

UnifiedCommunications.com is a company that provides consulting, products and services to streamline communications within a company. The company’s blog provides news about the latest trends in products and technology.

4. Receive Objective Advice from Telepresence24

The blog at Telepresence24.com provides content about how UC enhances industry collaboration as a whole. Because the blog is not associated with a particular manufacturer, developer or service provider, it’s a wealth of objective information.

5. Become an Insider at VoIPNorm

Consulting System Engineer Chris Norman works at Cisco Systems and started the VoIPNorm blog to contribute to the IT community. It has grown into a compilation of knowledge and collaboration that is invaluable for businesses entrenched in UC.

6. Transform Your Business with the AT&T Networking Exchange Blog

AT&T reports on technology trends that help companies grow through collaboration and innovation. The blog highlights topics such as mobile business technology, cloud enabled business and the future of networks.

 7. Collaborate with SoundConnect

Although SoundConnect provides UC products and services, its blog reaches a wider audience, providing UC news of interest to any company seeking to streamline its collaboration systems.

8. Learn from Continuant

Even though those behind the Continuant blog are IT experts, they recognize that not everybody is. The blog examines UC from different perspectives to relate to businesses in today’s environment.

9. Go on a Journey at SIP Adventures

An expert in SIP and VoIP, Andrew Prokop keeps a blog that explores UC innovation and keeps the world updated.

Honorable Mention Sparkhound

This blog takes what can be a complicated, monotonous subject and adds some sparkle. The company provides services and solutions to help businesses solve challenges and improve their technical skills.

Honorable Mention: Akkadian Labs Blog

You didn’t think we were going to disregard our own work, did you? We are communication and collaboration geeks with a passion for improving the way people work together. In the past, we’ve covered the history of telepresence through sci-fi, tried to explain tough tech processes like Cisco UC provisioning and reflected on the biggest UC news of the past year. Also, we offer round-ups of the last week’s interesting and important news stories. Check out our blog to stay up-to-date (as well as entertained) on all things collaboration. Or, follow us on Twitter for more in-the-moment updates. Get the most current unified communications news from these sites.

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