Rolling Out WFH UC Capabilities for a Healthcare Client

Maintaining Business Continuity in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Our Client: A Large Healthcare Provider with Thousands of Employees Our client, a large nonprofit healthcare system that includes several hospitals and dozens of clinics, was faced with a dilemma common to many organizations dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic: quickly and efficiently provisioning employees with work from home (WFH) Cisco Collaboration capabilities. The Challenge: Business Continuity During a Global Pandemic In the case of our client, this task was big, and urgent:
  • Provisioning 1,500 employees with Cisco Dual Mode for Jabber on both iOS and Android devices
  • Doing so over a single weekend
Solution: Bulk Provisioning Saves the Day Normally, this would be a nightmare—provisioning over a thousand users and devices in only a few days’ time. But using the bulk provisioning feature of Akkadian Provisioning Manager™, our client was able to reduce a weeks-long task to a single weekend, all from one CSV file. At the beginning of the weekend, our support team guided them on how to use the existing bulk provisioning template to provision the first 500 employees, after which the client took it from there. Results: A Big Job Done Quickly, and Without Error By Monday, they had successfully provisioned all 1,500 employees. And this was just the first phase—it’s estimated that our client ultimately provisioned 14,000 users for remote working! Conclusion: Work Smarter with Automation to Maintain Operations in a Crisis Now more than ever, remote working capabilities are critical to the survival of many organizations. See how Akkadian Provisioning Manager can help you maintain business continuity in a crisis.
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