Zero-Touch Cisco Collaboration Provisioning

Zero-touch provisioning has been used in the Cisco networking world, but how can you bring zero touch provisioning to Cisco Collaboration?

akkadian Provisioning Manager Express connects IT and HR with our REST API.

Are you using ServiceNow? Workday? Peoplesoft? If so, then you could experience zero touch provisioning with akkadian Provisioning Manager Express.

The akkadian Provisioning Manager Express (aPME) API is a game changer for those utilizing Cisco Collaboration as well as workflow systems. Now, if HR opens a ticket for a new employee in ServiceNow, for example, aPME’s REST API initiates the provisioning process without the Cisco Collaboration administrator taking any action.  Plus, tickets for exiting employees will kick-off requests to decommission users. Welcome to zero-touch provisioning.

Join our customers leveraging akkadian Provisioning Manager Express’ API to automate provisioning. Contact us to learn more about bringing Akkadian Labs’ Cisco Collaboration provisioning software into your workflow, or, get started by downloading  a free trial below.

Why not fully automate the provisioning process with aPME’s REST API?

Faster Cisco Collaboration Provisioning

akkadian Provisioning Manager Express (aPME) is a software solution that simplifies Cisco Collaboration provisioning.

akkadian provisioning manager express

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Amy Thacker

Amy Thacker is the Marketing Manager at Akkadian Labs. Amy's favorite way to use Collaboration technology is to make video calls to offsite co-workers.