Announcing Akkadian Provisioning Manager™ 5.0.12

Advanced Provisioning Automation with Native ServiceNow Integration and API Triggers

Akkadian Labs, the leading Cisco unified communications (UC) automation developer, is excited to announce an upgrade to our flagship product – Akkadian Provisioning Manager version 5.0, release 12. This update boasts significant new automation capabilities, including native integration with ServiceNow and API triggers. These enhancements bring UC engineers closer to the goal of a fully automated provisioning solution for Cisco UC, requiring less manual effort, and enabling faster, more consistent provisioning, with a streamlined way for engineers and Admins to tie together critical systems within their infrastructure.
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Native Integration with ServiceNow—An Absolute Game Changer ServiceNow (SNOW), one of the most powerful and popular IT service management platforms on the market, is a key system in many organization’s technology infrastructure. Our new, native integration with SNOW means:
  • SNOW can kick-off any UC workflow within Cisco Collaboration—on-board, off-board, PIN reset, add a phone, etc.
  • No API development necessary—out-of-the-box deployment with minimal configuration
  • APM can write back to SNOW to confirm a process is complete or make database changes
For example, if an employee submits a SNOW ticket to reset their voicemail PIN, APM will monitor SNOW and when it sees this ticket, will run a provisioning job to make the changes in Cisco Collaboration and notify the user. No HelpDesk involvement necessary. API Triggers Enable Easy Connections to 3rd Party Systems Akkadian Provisioning Manager’s API triggers help to reduce manual work by automatically updating systems outside of Cisco Collaboration. Triggers, which can be set to execute after the completion of any Provisioning Manager job, are able to:
  • Connect to and update any system that accepts a RESTful API call
  • Create a library of triggers—once built, triggers can be added to any APM provisioning job
  • “API Trigger Groups” enable multi-step processes
For example, when a new employee is on-boarded, after the Cisco Collaboration provisioning job is complete, a trigger updates the employee’s phone number in, for instance, Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Conclusion: 5.0.12 Provides a Great ROI The upshot of both the ServiceNow integration and API triggers is:
  • Ease of connecting systems – no API programming involved
  • Faster and more consistent provisioning via automation – no burdensome manual processes
  • Frees up UC engineers to focus on more strategic projects
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