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akkadian Provisioning Manager Express (aPME)

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Who uses aPME?

    aPME is used by anyone tasked with provisioning the in Cisco Unified Communications environment in small to large companies, non-profits, government and educational entities.For a run-down of those already using aPME, check out the industries helped by aPME.

    What is aPME?

    aPME is a provisioning solution designed to streamline moves, adds, changes and deletes in the Cisco Unified Communications Environment. With users demanding enterprise voice and video on their mobile devices, administrators find themselves provisioning and managing up to 10 devices per user. While this adoption is exciting and helps drive communication, it can be a challenge for administrators to manage. aPME helps organizations increase adoption by streamlining the provisioning process, allowing the provisioning and ongoing operational management of these devices using a single action. In addition, aPME helps protect the Cisco Unified Communication environment by removing the need for direct access to the application servers while providing more granular restrictions.

    Can I trial aPME to see if it's what I need?

    Yes! You are able to download a free, 30-day, fully supported trial today. If you need help installing after download, just let us know and we will help. Download your free trial here.

    Will I be able to install aPME on my own?

    Yes, you can. aPME is designed to be simple to deploy and use, but we are always here to help. If you prefer, we offer remote install services to help you expedite your deployment. This service can be purchased through any of our partners.

    How do you price or license aPME?

    aPME offers two types of licensing to meet your organization’s needs. For most customers, User Base Licensing (UBLs) are the most cost effective as they allow for up to 10 devices per user. This means if you have a user with a Cisco IP phone, Jabber for Desktop, Jabber for iPhone, Jabber for Android and Jabber for Tablet, only one UBL will be required even though the user has five devices. For other devices, such as common area or conference room phones, we offer a lower cost Device Based Licenses (DBLs). DLBs and UBLs can be blended to creative a cost effective licensing solution for your environment.

    Do you offer training on this software?

    Yes, we offer training through our partners.
    Why purchase aPME if Cisco Prime is free?

    There are many reasons, but here are some of the key differentiators:

    • Native multi-cluster support. Free PRIME does not support multi-cluster.
    • The ability to provision a user with multiple devices in a single action.
    • More granular security by limiting access at the field level.
    • Ability to add, edit and delete in the same action.

    For a complete list of differentiators, please email

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