akkadian Provisioning Manager Express (aPME)

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Cisco UC provisioning

Cisco UC & Collaboration Provisioning

Adding new users and devices to Cisco’s UC environment has never been easier. Using one, web-based interface, akkadian Provisioning Manager Express takes the tasks of moving, adding, changing and deleting user configurations away from Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Cisco Call Manager).

Key Features and Benefits

akkadian Provisioning Manager Express (aPME) exclusively offers features to limit administration by location or security designation. This provisioning tool offers significant time and cost savings as high-level resources are free to spend time on other tasks.

akkadian Provisioning Manager Express phone swap

Use the aPME Phone Swap tool to copy configurations between almost any of the phone models in Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager. aPME Phone Swap allows you to simply select the source phone, enter a few details about the destination phone and you are done!

akkadian Provisioning Manager Express self-provision service

Simply provision a new employee with a dummy mac address. Then, when the new employee first arrives at his new desk, he can complete the provisioning process by entering his self-service ID on the phone and aPME will handle the rest.

aPME License Pools help organizations by:

  • Automatically creating local licensing users in CUCM
  • Automatically assigning phones to these license users
  • Managing the ongoing process as phone are deleted and added to the CUCMEnd user template being used
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Use Site Templates to easily apply location based settings, producing consistent results every time.

Site Templates are very flexible and can apply different settings to hard phones, soft phones and Remote Destination Profiles.

DN Pools provide real-time directory number availability during the provisioning process. DN Pools support both manual and automatic directory number assignment.

DN Pools:

  • Search across a single or all partitions
  • Search across multiple CUCM clusters
  • Search unassigned DNs
  • Automatically apply External Phone Number Mask
  • Automatically apply AAR Destination Mask

Have a lot to provision? No problem? aPME supports bulk provisioning allowing you to leverage existing provisioning jobs to easily bulk provision.

Bulk Provisioning Features:

  • Bulk Provision
  • Bulk Delete
  • Scheduled Provisioning
UCCX Unified Communications Contact Center Express Provisioning

aPME supports provisioning UCCX agents! It provides all the necessary provisioning functions in CUCM and UCCX to configure a UCCX resource.

  • Associate devices in CUCM with the UCCX application user
  • Configure the IPCC extension on the end user
  • Configure UCCX resource settings such as Resource Groups, Skills and Teams

Global Variables are more than just customized fields! They reduce repetitive input, enforce data input formats and can automatically pull external data from CUCM.

Reporting provides a detailed audit trail of all provisioning actions.

Reporting Features:

  • Global Search – locate a provisioning action based on almost any detail
  • Drill down reporting detail
  • Export reports to CSV

Watch aPME Reporting demo video below for more insight of this feature.

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akkadian Provisioning Manager Express

360 degree global search can locate users along with their associated services and devices across multiple clusters.

akkadian Provisioning Manager Express Zero Touch Provisioning

Why not fully automate the provisioning process with aPME’s REST API.

Our customers are leveraging aPME’s API to automate provisioning by integrating to industry leading workflow systems such as ServiceNow, Workday and PeopleSoft.

Cisco Provisioning in 40 Seconds

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Hey! Other solutions just don't stack up.

akkadian Provisioning Manager Express (aPME) standardizes the process through the use of templates, and the simplified process means any resource with security permissions may provision; no experience or certification required.

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