Helping a Financial Services Firm Migrate to Cisco Collaboration

Bulk provisioning, Active Directory integration, and DN Management

Customer: A Large American Financial Services Firm
Our client is one of the largest private financial services firms in America. Located in the Midwest, they have 28 offices and over 1,650 knowledge workers.

UC Provisioning Challenge: Mass Migration
Migrating their entire UC system from Avaya to Cisco, the customer immediately saw how time-consuming and inefficient manual provisioning would be. Specifically, they needed a platform that could:

  • Help to provision hundreds of phones at a time
  • Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Automate the tracking of directory numbers

They needed a platform that would also help with the Cisco migration process for engineers previously used to working with Avaya.

Solution: Bulk Provisioning, Native Integration with Active Directory, and DN Management
After a competitive selection process, the customer ultimately saw that Akkadian Provisioning Manager would be the best tool for migrating from Avaya to Cisco. Specifically, the following features played a key role in helping them choose Akkadian Provisioning Manager:

Role-based access, remote phone control, and single number reach were also a huge bonus to our customer.

Result: A Smooth Transition to Cisco
The customer is highly satisfied with Akkadian Provisioning Manager, finding the product “Very impressive and helpful, and very sleek. It’s especially useful for when HR is behind on the process for new hires. With the Active Directory native integration, new users are already tied into AD without waiting for HR.”

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