UC Provisioning for a Software Company with a Global Cluster

Replacing an in-house tool with something more user-friendly

Customer: A Global Software Company Our customer is a large software company with world-wide brand recognition. They required a UC provisioning automation solution to manage over 8,000 devices for a global Cisco Collaboration cluster. UC Provisioning Challenge: Buying vs. Building an Automation Platform As a software company, the customer had developed their own in-house automated UC provisioning solution that boasted a robust feature set. The problem was that the user interface was almost nonexistent—all workflows required coding on the backend, meaning only a few people could actually use it. That presented certain risks—if any of the few people who knew the tool left the company, the provisioning process could come to a halt. Also, homegrown builds require constant updates to stay current with new versions of CUCM. They also needed a system which could:
  • Test and place calls on Cisco IP phones from a different location
  • Provide an easy way to modify devices with several lines, intercoms, and speed dials
  • Offload tasks to an operations team and regional engineers
Solution: A Turnkey, Off-the-Shelf Solution Opting for Akkadian Provisioning Manager over their in-house solution meant a more accessible UI on a platform that wasn’t dependent on a small number of people knowing how to use it. This was exactly what that the customer needed in order to get all of the following in a single platform:
  • Remote Phone Control allowed UC Admins to troubleshoot phones without going onsite
  • Visual Phone Editor meant they could easily perform drag-and-drop phone modifications with their mouse
  • Role Based Access allowed senior engineers to offload simple, repetitive tasks to an operations team and less senior engineers
Result: A System Anyone Can Use Provisioning Manager’s sleek, modern user interface meant a more accessible automation platform that removed the need for complex backend coding to perform workflows. Additionally, the customer was excited about using Remote Phone Control and Visual Phone Editor to fix and configure phones with ease. All in all, they’re excited to be using a platform that satisfies all their technical requirements and which saves senior engineers time, allowing them to focus on more strategic projects! To see how Akkadian Provisioning Manager can meet your provisioning needs—set up a custom demo! Schedule a Demo