Reporting Manager

A powerful tool to generate reports from CUCM

Challenge Cisco does not make it easy for UC Engineers to generate reports using the data in CUCM. It is also hard to make bulk data changes. Our Solution As a standard feature of Akkadian Provisioning Manager, Reporting Manager is a powerful custom reporting tool which allows administrators to use SQL database queries to generate reports from Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). We enable highly granular report building for a variety of purposes, such as usage analysis, auditing, bulk changes, compliance and more.
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If you are familiar with SQL you can use our Custom Query, or if you are not familiar with SQL you can use Visual Query to build a report. The Visual Query provides visual guidance to simplify the construction of an SQL query. Capabilities Reporting Manager makes it easy to:
  • Build CUCM Data Queries – run SQL queries directly against CUCM and access all tables and fields in the CUCM schema
  • Schedule Reports – create reusable reports and schedule recurring reports to run
  • Manage Data – enable bulk changes and data inserts into CUCM
Sample Use Cases
  • Create a list of devices including device pool, model number and product type
  • Change the secondary dial tone flag on route patterns
  • Get a list of end-users by location with phone number, hunt group, and Calling Search Space (CSS), etc.
Conclusion Reporting Manager is a critical tool to help streamline the administration of CUCM, and it’s a standard feature of Akkadian Provisioning Manager. For the opportunity to see Reporting Manager in action, schedule a custom demo of Akkadian Provisioning Manager:
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