Akkadian Provision Manager vs. Cisco Prime Provisioning

Cisco Prime Collaboration Deployment

Key Feature Differences

Akkadian Provisioning Manager (APM) and Cisco Prime Provisioning are two software tools intended to simplify the native provisioning of Cisco Unified Communications (UC) and Collaboration.

APM is an alternative to the UC provisioning functionality of Cisco Prime. Many of our customers come to us after trying Cisco Prime and realizing its limitations. They want a turnkey replacement for Cisco Prime Provisioning. APM offers much more workflow automation and reporting capabilities. It’s easier to deploy, more intuitive to use and generates a faster and more powerful ROI.

Below are some of the key features within Akkadian Provision Manager, which are not available in Cisco Prime Provisioning:

  • Visual phone editor
  • Remote phone control
  • Support for: UCCX, PCCE, Webex Teams and Meetings
  • Native Active Directory automated provisioning
  • Phone swap

Many overworked telecom teams choose APM over Cisco Prime Collaboration because it offers:

  • Faster deployment
  • Customizable jobs
  • Real-time data management (as opposed to Cisco Prime’s heavy synchronization).

If you’d like to experience the differences for yourself, we’d be happy to schedule a demo:

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Site Builder Templates Assure Consistent CUCM Configuration

Automation to Streamline CUCM Site Deployment

Avoid Rebuilding Preferences Each Time you Add a New Location

Deploying new locations with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) is complex. It’s not done frequently, but it’s critical to do right.

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We enable IT generalists to get the job done easily.

  • Opening new locations of offices, branches, retail sites, etc.
  • Aligning existing sites
  • Converting aging systems

Key Features
Quickly and consistently implement all your CUCM Day 1 provisioning requirements in just minutes. Site Builder has a wizard driven interface to configure:

  • Device pools
  • Partitions
  • CSS
  • Route patterns
  • And more

Our Cisco configuration builder makes it easy to templatize and replicate dial plan configurations in CUCM with minimal data input:

  • Start with our suggested pre-canned templates
  • Customize them to your needs
  • Re-use these site builder templates, as necessary
  • Save multiple configuration templates for different types of deployments
  • Easily import/export templates to different CUCM instances

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Healthcare Industry Case Study

Why Healthcare Chooses Akkadian for UC Provisioning

Why Healthcare Chooses Akkadian for UC Provisioning

An Automation Engine to Streamline UC Management

Hospitals, medical device manufacturers, and medical research facilities turn to Akkadian Provisioning Manager to securely streamline UC provisioning.

With tons of devices and lots of fluidity, Cisco UC provisioning is overwhelming for many healthcare IT teams:

  • Patients constantly checking in and out
  • Many phones in public spaces
  • IT teams are overworked and need cost-effective tools to increase efficiency

Case Study Graphic

Key Features
Akkadian Provisioning Manager is a turnkey solution for streamlining Cisco UC provisioning:

  • Role-based administrative privileges
  • Templates to systematically automate workflows
  • Out-of-the-box Active Directory integration
  • A RESTful API makes it easy to integrate with other systems
  • Remote phone control

Telephone teams in IT departments see powerful ROI from Akkadian Provisioning Manager’s ability to:

  • Secure offloading of tasks to your Helpdesk frees up IT to work on more strategic projects
  • Consistent MACD’s with minimized data input
  • Zero-touch provisioning with Active Directory integration
  • Integration with electronic medical records software, like Epic
  • With remote phone control – no need to enter patient rooms

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