Situation: How Ready Were You for the Pandemic? Collaboration is the driving force of any successful organization. For many companies, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed critical gaps in their ability to communicate effectively in situations that require mandatory work from home (WFH) policies. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, how prepared was your IT organization to roll out WFH Cisco Collaboration applications for your employees? Was the provisioning process seamless, or stressful? Was it done efficiently, or did it drain vital man-hours from the strategic needs of your IT team? Challenge: Maintaining Productivity In order to maintain employee productivity, telecommunications teams need a streamlined process to provision remote workers with all the same Cisco Collaboration capabilities they had in the office—CUCM phone/voicemail with softphones, Jabber or Webex Teams instant messaging, and Webex Meetings teleconferencing. Related: Cisco Webex Control Hub Integrations Solution: An Automated, Unified Approach If you have a limited numbers of workers you need to provision for WFH collaboration technologies, Akkadian Provisioning Manager’s unified approach will save you time with pre-set templates which automate the provisioning workflows across all the Cisco UC applications, while eliminating errors caused by inconsistent data entry—all from a single pane of glass. For hundreds, or even thousands of employees, our bulk provisioning for on-boarding employees into Cisco UC can turn a 2-week project into 2 hours. Conclusion: Stay Ready Maintaining business continuity during a crisis situation requires that you act fast to keep the lines of communication open and dependable. Without automation tools, this can be next to impossible, as valuable time and labor is lost to cumbersome, error-prone provisioning processes. One of our clients recently wrote to tell us that, “Akkadian Provisioning Manager is a lifesaver.” Why? Because without it, their organization would have been overwhelmed with the manual tasks required to provision workers with Cisco Collaboration technologies. This ability to act fast and efficiently could be the difference between order and chaos. When the latter is combined with demand shocks and supply chain interruptions, the very survival of your company could be at stake. Now is a great time to learn more about how Akkadian Provisioning Manager can streamline your disaster response to ensure your organization stays ready.