New features designed to reduce administrative overhead

We’re constantly looking for ways to make Cisco Unified Communications Manager administrators’ lives easier, and we hope the latest release of Akkadian Provisioning Manager™ will do just that. The driving force behind the new features is to reduce Cisco Unified Communications Manager administrative overhead. We are proud to announce the following new features:
  • Enhanced REST API
  • DN pool management across multiple clusters
  • Bulk delete
  • Enhanced reporting with global search
  • Site templates

Enhanced REST API

We’ve introduced a web services API to allow companies wanting to integrate provisioning with a workflow management system. Now, programs like ServiceNow, Workday and PeopleSoft will kick-off the provisioning request, automating onboarding or off boarding employees. Related: UC API Triggers

DN pool management across multiple clusters

Directory number pool management for Cisco Unified Communications Manager allows you to search across multiple clusters and company sites, cutting time spent on provisioning new employees and giving even more flexibility to your team on how to manage your Cisco Collaboration environment.

Bulk delete

Another simple, time saving feature is the new bulk delete function. What if you have a crop of summer interns leaving to go back to school? The bulk delete function will allow you to decommission their devices in seconds.

Enhanced reporting with global search

Now, finding a needle in a haystack isn’t the challenge it once was. We’ve enhanced reporting so not only does it provide better information, but you can find almost anything using global search. In a matter of seconds, Akkadian Provisioning Manager can search by reporting data by name, directory number, MAC address, etc. and pinpoint the exact record in question.

Site templates

Finally, we’ve added a way for you to apply location-based settings using site templates. This helps reduce administrative overhead and quickly apply location specific settings using a simple drop-down menu.

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