Leveraging your Investment in Cisco UC

Leveraging your Investment in Cisco UC

Turnkey Unified Communications Solutions

Built for UC Engineers and UC Users

Akkadian Labs is a software developer in the “collaboration space”. We deliver unified communications solutions purpose-built for and compatible with Cisco products.

What We Do

We are uniquely positioned to help solve client issues in a couple of ways.

One, we help leverage the investments you’ve already made in UC, creating an easier time deploying, managing, adopting and using the technology.

Two, we work with clients who are looking for new ways to innovate and serve their customers better through technology initiatives. Our software enables IT teams to improve their service level agreement (SLAs) for UC.

More specifically, our ecosystem of products is designed to:

  • Save IT personnel time
  • Reduce errors and inconsistencies
  • Increase user adoption of UC tools
  • Bridge the gaps in the capabilities of Cisco tools
  • Limit the need for expensive professional services

How We Do It

As the graphic illustrates, we are a software layer that sits on top of Cisco, which seamlessly integrates with all the native Cisco Collaboration apps.

Our suite of solutions includes products for:

Additionally, our ecosystem includes:

  • Integration with ITSM, HR and identity management products via our RESTful API
  • An employee self-service portal
  • Support for end-user devices
  • Multiple directory sources

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Security for Cisco Collaboration

Enhancing Security for Cisco Collaboration

Consider UC as Part of Your Overall Security Posture

Cyber security should be a high priority for users of Cisco Unified Communications (UC) technologies. While CUCM, Unity Connection, Webex, Jabber and related collaboration software may not seem like attractive targets for hackers, such systems expose organizations to several operational cyber risks (i.e. risks associated with procedures rather than inherent in the software itself). This is particularly true as other areas of IT, such as networks and databases, get better protected. Attackers are now seeking to penetrate businesses through any exposed surface area, including UC.

A compromised UC platform is a fertile ground for this kind of mischief. It’s a major problem. Research by the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) estimates that telecom fraud costs organizations and carriers over $29 billion year.

You should consider ways to mitigate risks in UC. InfoSec policy can be expanded to include collaboration, which has not usually been considered in an entity’s overall security posture.

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UC Security Risks

These risks may not be glamorous or high-tech, but they can still have an impact on your security vulnerability:

  • Unauthorized access to UC back end
  • Spoofing, fraud and eavesdropping
  • Misuse of UC credentials to penetrate networks and other IT assets
  • Accidental or deliberate service disruption

Mitigating Risks

Mitigating UC security risks can be accomplished by:

  • Limiting access to the native UC products
  • Implementing role-based administrative privileges
  • Tracking user activity
  • Minimizing errors with a “single pane of glass”


Akkadian Provisioning Manager is an enterprise grade solution which enables you to easily operationalize each of these countermeasures to the risks.

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Cisco Partner Image

Akkadian Labs Recognized as Cisco Preferred Solution Partner

Akkadian Labs announces its new status of “Cisco Preferred Solution Partner”. As an independent software vendor (ISV), access to preferred partner resources, assets and integrations will help us enhance our solutions, like Akkadian Provisioning Manager which enables companies to leverage their Cisco collaboration technology investments for better business outcomes.

To qualify, our solution went through interoperability verification testing (IVT) to achieve “Cisco Compatible” status. Cisco also recognized our Cisco Marketplace presence and the availability of premium 24/7 customer support.

Akkadian Labs already supports over 500 Cisco customers who rely on our tools to enhance their unified communications solutions. Here’s what our Cisco Preferred Solution Partner status means for our customers:

  • Assured Interoperability
    Rigorous testing to validate functionality.
  • Accelerated Deployment
    Access to developer environments to maintain our products for Cisco UC upgrades.
  • Improved ROI
    As a Cisco dedicated ISV, we are laser focused on helping our customers get the most out of their UC tools.

Companies trust Akkadian Labs’ turnkey software to streamline the provisioning of their UC environments without the need for costly third-party services or consultants. Akkadian Provisioning Manager alone manages over 3 million licenses; it is the go-to solution for the world’s leading Cisco Collaboration technology customers.

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Cisco UC Provisioning Software Case Study

Akkadian Provisioning Manager
Case Study

Cisco UC Provisioning Software Helps Design Firm Leo A Daly

Since 1915, Leo A Daly has been providing designs for architecture, engineering, interiors, and many other planning services. In the past century, the company has developed an impressive reputation. Now, internationally recognized for its work, Leo A Daly has 34 offices around the globe.


Migration from a Legacy PBX System to Cisco Unified Communications Manager

The company recently found itself with a challenge as the voice environment was operating on two different platforms, an older, end-of-life PBX system and a Cisco Collaboration system. The company decided to migrate all 800 users to one, updated Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM self-provisioning). Additionally, the firm wanted to update its users to newer Cisco Collaboration features. While planning for the upgrade, Leo A Daly’s IT team discovered that the time required to provision each user, device, and application could total 30 minutes-per-user.

This inefficient process requiring a lengthy provisioning time was not an option for the company. With over 800 employees to migrate to CUCM, the provisioning process would have consumed 400 hours of staff time. This meant the migration would consume a full-time employee’s work week for approximately ten weeks. Although the end product of the CUCM migration would offer the company much value, the IT team could see that the migration project was on track to tie-up the IT staff, keeping them away from more important tasks.

Software Offers Provisioning Efficiency and Collaboration Adoption

As the legacy system was end-of-life, Leo A Daly needed the migration team to upgrade and deploy as quickly as possible. The company found a solution to their provisioning dilemma when they were introduced to Akkadian Provisioning Manager™ from Akkadian Labs. For Leo A Daly, the decision to use Akkadian software for its migration needs, primarily came down to efficiency. Tim Milan, an Information Technology Specialist with Leo A Daly, was part of the team that helped purchase and deploy Akkadian Provisioning Manager.

“What we like best is Akkadian Provisioning Manager’s ease of use. It auto-fills everything— you add extension and user ID and everything else fills in. Creating templates was very easy.” Tim Milan, Information Technology Specialist, Leo A Daly.

Using Akkadian Provisioning Manager, the IT team at Leo A Daly was able to reduce the time to provision from 30 minutes per user down to just five seconds per user. This time savings was all it took for management to see the value in Akkadian Provisioning Manager. But for Leo A Daly’s IT professionals, the draw to Akkadian Provisioning Manager was about more than just time. The IT team wanted to expand collaboration offerings to the company’s business units.

Utilizing Akkadian Provisioning Manager allowed the team to provision Leo A Daly employees with new collaboration tools, without additional steps. The CUCM migration and upgrade could now include new collaboration technology rollout and adoption.

IT Team Offloads Provisioning to Office Administrative Team

Because the software is so easy to use, it was now possible for less experienced staff to take on provisioning tasks. However, before handing over responsibilities, the IT team needed to protect the business-critical UC environment. The IT staff was able to partition access, and therefore protect their CUCM, allowing the receptionist and office administrator to become provisioners. “The distributed workload frees up the technical staff for higher level tasks,” said Milan.

For Leo A Daly, the ROI was clear. Not only did the company save hundreds of hours on provisioning, it also increased its access to new Cisco Collaboration applications.

Akkadian Labs Support and Software Stand Out

On working with Akkadian Labs, Milan had this to say:

“The support we received from Akkadian Labs was awesome. The support team was quick to reply and had great answers.”

Milan was thankful for the recommendation to use Akkadian software that he received from the company’s Cisco Collaboration partner. That one recommendation led to an effective transition, one that has satisfied Leo A Daly’s business unit users, as well as the company’s IT professionals.

Like Leo A Daly, small, medium, and large businesses utilizing Akkadian Provisioning Manager have seen noticeable improvements on time spent account provisioning. These companies see their IT staff spending time on other projects, leading to a sizable return on investment.

Easier and Faster UC Provisioning

Akkadian Provisioning Manager will provision the following in 40 seconds: end user, extension, voicemail, device profile, Jabber desktop, Jabber mobile, single number reach

Akkadian Provisioning Manager Dashboard

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