Comparing Cisco UC Provisioning Software

Cisco UC Provisioning Software Comparison

Decide on a Provisioning Tool Right for You

Adding new users and devices to your company’s Cisco Collaboration UC environment can be quite complex without the right provisioning tools. Luckily, there are Cisco UC provisioning software tools on the market to help manage the tasks of making moves, adds, changes and deletes within the Cisco UC environment.

Where do you start when making the decision on which provisioning tool is for you? How do you ensure the solution you are adding is removing complexity? How will you evaluate provisioning tools software?

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Cisco UC Provisioning Tool Deployment

Start evaluating with the trial.

Consider which tools allow you to try the software before your purchase the provisioning software. Chances are, if the trial and deployment of the Cisco provisioning software are difficult and time consuming, either you won’t use the tool, or will find it too cumbersome to implement. Our provisioning manager is the leading UC provisioning software is available for a free, 30-day fully supported trial.

Multiple Device Provisioning

Consider the ease in which the Cisco UC tool provisions multiple devices.

Investigate the software’s capability to simplify the steps it takes to provision a user with all of his or her devices. Akkadian Provisioning Manager  is able to provision multiple devices for a user with one single step.

Protect your Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Ensure your Cisco UC provisioning tool adds security to your Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

An added benefit of the right provisioning tool is that the process simplification allows less trained team members to handle moves, adds, changes, and deletes within the UC environment. However, you don’t want just anyone to have access to your company’s communication systems. Clusters could be disassociated; entire offices could lose all phone services in an instant. Akkadian Provisioning Manager offers roles-based permissions down to the field level.

Faster Cisco UC Provisioning

Akkadian Provisioning Manager is a software solution that simplifies Cisco UC provisioning.

Cisco UC Provisioning Software

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Provisioning Manager Manufacturing Case Study

Legacy PBX to Cisco UC Migration Case Study

Company Migrating from NEC PBX Finds Cisco UC Provisioning Solution

Diverse companies, both those large, small, and from numerous industries, are using Akkadian Provisioning Manager (APM) from Akkadian Labs to simplify Cisco UC migrations. Our user base among manufacturers, especially high-tech manufacturing, has been growing. It’s no surprise, then, that when a busy automotive part supplier migrated from its legacy NEC PBX phone system to Cisco UC, the IT staff turned to us.

300 Phones Provisioned By Novice Staff

Because the team was previously using a NEC phone system, the manufacturer’s IT staff was not familiar with Cisco UC. The team did not have set procedures to look to for training. There was no one on staff staff who could write training documents, procedures, or set standards. Without a provisioning tool in place, the team was on a path to a provisioning nightmare. Plus, the added time it would take to get the staff trained was creating a significant hurdle to the company’s Cisco UC deployment. To overcome the challenge posed by their inexperience, the team turned to APM. With APM, the staff was able to provision multiple sites without the aid of experienced Cisco voice engineers. What’s more, they were able to provision 2,200 users, quickly.

Tool to Ease Legacy PBX to Cisco UC Migration

PBX to Cisco UC Migration Provisioning Solution

The solution for this company and its novice staff was APM because of APM’s simplicity, speed of provisioning, and support offered by Akkadian Labs. The team needed a tool that would be easy to adopt and install. They were able to download APM directly from the Akkadian Labs website, and received support for implementation. Because of APM’s drag-and-drop functionality and intuitive interface, it was easy for the Cisco UC newbies to adopt and learn. As a result, the auto supplier was able to complete its upgrade from a NEC PBX to Cisco UC environment under time.

Faster Cisco UC Provisioning

Akkadian Provisioning Manager is a provisioning tool software solution that simplifies Cisco UC provisioning.

akkadian provisioning manager express

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Provisioning Manager Press Release_HCS shared architecture

Akkadian Labs Announces Provisioning for Cisco HCS Shared Architecture

This announcement comes amid Cisco’s new offering of Hosted Collaboration Services (HCS) Shared Architecture and its recent lifting of restrictions of provisioning tools.

NEW YORK, NY—July 25, 2017—Akkadian Labs software, akkadian Provisioning Manager (APM), is now a great fit for provisioning Cisco HCS and HCS Shared Architecture. APM offers many administrative benefits and cost savings to Cisco value added resellers (VARs) who are adopting HCS Shared Architecture to provide UCaaS. Already popular with end users and VARs, APM automates provisioning and streamlines processes.

APM supports administration of the full line of HCS Shared Architecture devices, including Cisco Jabber (desktop and mobile), Cisco IP Phones, Cisco DX series, and Cisco SX series. The New York City-based Akkadian Labs team developed APM to simplify the complicated user/device provisioning process within the Cisco Collaboration environment. Since the solution’s inception, the team has continued to build out and expand APM’s features to include:

• Bulk On-boarding/Off-boarding
• Phone Control
• Visual Phone Editor
UC Self-service Portal
Account provisioning
• Spark User Provisioning
• LDAP based automated de-provisioning
• Audit Trails & Reporting

“We are excited to offer APM to our partners as they expand their UCaaS practices. APM will offer streamlined provisioning and automated administrative tasks—bringing both optimized performance for clients, as well as ROI to our partners,” said Tom Bamert, Akkadian Labs CTO.

To learn more about APM and to request a demonstration or free trial, please visit the Akkadian Labs website.

About Akkadian Labs

Akkadian Labs offers software products and solutions that integrate into Cisco Collaboration and Microsoft Unified Communications environments, as well as other business-focused enterprise applications.

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Cisco 8800 Series Phone

Top Reasons to Choose the Cisco 8800 Series Phone

We’ve investigated the 8800 Series phone and found these five great features.

The Cisco 8800 Series IP phone is intended for on-premises, branch-office and remote workers–anyone in your operations with moderate to active voice communication needs.

1. High Sound Quality

Boasting acoustically enhanced hardware and full duplex wideband audio performance, the 8800 Series delivers what Cisco believes to be the best audiophile experience it has ever delivered in an IP phone. Features include ETSI compliance for echo cancellation and vibration-isolation technology for both microphone and speaker.

2. Simple Mobile-Device Integration

Using Cisco’s Intelligent Proximity technology, mobile devices can be integrated into the 8800 Series. The technology allows mobile users to move the audio portion of a call to the IP phone, and users also can import contacts and call histories into 8800 Series phones, and even charge mobile devices via USB ports. This series offers Bluetooth connectivity.

3. Varied Product Line and System Expandability

The 8800 portfolio includes seven end points–all Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) or SIP-based products that support Cisco unified-communication features. A scalable platform, the 8800 Series offers expansion modules when extra keys are needed. Unique to this series, each optional Cisco IP Phone 8800 Key Expansion Module (or sidecar) offers 36 additional programmable line or feature keys beyond the five that come standard with these phones. And, as many as three expansion modules are supported, for a total of 108 additional line or feature keys.

4. High-Quality Video Merge

With Cisco WebEx and Jabber, users can employ a laptop for visuals and the desk phone for audio, as 720p HD video works on your IP phone via one-touch collaboration.

5. Company-Wide Use

The 8800 Series was developed for knowledge workers, as well as administrative, managerial, and executive staff. It also works in shared-workspace environments. With the Cisco Spark Phone OS, the series provides flexible deployment options, whether in Cisco on-premises, cloud or hybrid configurations. To ease use, the series provides support for Cisco Expressway, which gives remote workers single sign-on access without a VPN client.

Boost Directory Performance with Akkadian Labs

It’s important to note, that like all Cisco IP phones, 8800 Series phones do not offer a simple and easy-to-use directory. Consider adding directory software such as akkadian Global Directory, which, unlike some software solutions for Cisco IP phones, works on video endpoints.
The easy-to-use akkadian Global Directory software works across mobile devices as well as the 8800 Series. It simplifies directory management for IT while providing an intuitive directory search interface, making it easy to locate and connect with contacts.

Learn More About the 8800 Series

You may learn more about the Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series in this video from Cisco which offers more technical information than its 8800 Phone Series page.

To learn more about how akkadian Global Directory can add improved contact functionality across the 8800 Series as well as mobile devices, visit

Stay Connected with a Better Directory

akkadian Global Directory (aGD) simplifies directories for the Cisco 8800 Series phones

Custom Search Cisco IP Phone global directory

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Akkadian Provisioning Manager_press release_new tools

Akkadian Labs Announces New Features for its Cisco Collaboration Software

Akkadian Labs, a leading Cisco Solutions Partner, has announced the release of Akkadian Provisioning Manager (APM) 4.8.

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – October 11, 2016) – APM is the popular Cisco Collaboration software developed to simplify the complicated user/device provisioning process within the Cisco Collaboration environment. This release expands the software’s already robust provisioning capabilities of CUCM features.

“The functionality of APM continues to advance at a rapid pace,” says Tom Bamert, CTO of Akkadian Labs. “With this latest version of APM, we are incorporating new features requested by our fast-growing customer base.”

APM 4.8 introduces many great new features, including:

  • LDAP-based automated de-provisioning – automatically de-provision users based on their LDAP statuses in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) end user directory, preventing orphaned devices when users are deleted by CUCM.
  • Client matter code (CMC) and forced authorization code (FAC) support – support for adding, deleting and editing CMC & FACs in CUCM.
  • Generate MAC addresses – provides the ability to generate dummy MAC addresses to enhance APM’s self-provisioning service.
  • Email provisioning results – easily email the summary or details of APM’s provisioning actions.
  • Overwrite device option – provides the ability for APM to overwrite an existing device while provisioning.
  • Configuring Extension mobility auto-logout – during a user delete within extension mobility environments, APM will now automatically log out the user from all devices, in order to properly end CUCM extension mobility.

APM’s popularity with Cisco Collaboration administrators stems from the software’s use of templates and a single pane of glass interface to make provisioning a repeatable process. Along with the new features and provisioning enhancements, the latest APM release has several new template and user interface enhancements, such as expanded provisioning options within templates. For other features and more details, please see APM 4.8’s release notes.

APM 4.8 supports Cisco Collaboration service releases 8.x and above. Also, APM 4.8 is available for Windows servers or as a virtual Linux appliance.

For more information on APM (including Cisco single number reach) and to request a demonstration or free trial, please visit the Akkadian Labs website.

About Akkadian Labs
Akkadian Labs focuses exclusively on creating innovative collaboration software that maximizes business results by improving the way people communicate and work together.

Visit Marketwired for the original release.

Easier and Faster Cisco Provisioning

akkadian Provisioning Manager (APM) will provision the following in 40 seconds: end user, extension, voicemail, device profile, jabber desktop, jabber mobile, single number reach

akkadian provisioning manager express

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Akkadian Console Case Study

Akkadian Console Case Study

Cisco VAR Finds Reliable UC Console for Its Busy Front Desk

As a value-added reseller (VAR) of Cisco Collaboration technology, Alexander Open Systems (AOS) uses Unified Communications in its own business operations. Cisco Unified Communications Manager forms the backbone of the company’s collaboration infrastructure. Incoming calls are handled by AOS’ busy front desk staff using attendant console software and a Windows-based PC.
Prior to 2014, the receptionists used a complimentary software provided with Cisco Unified Communications Manager to manage incoming calls. However, the receptionists felt they weren’t able to manage their workloads effectively because of this console software’s inefficiencies. Therefore, in 2014, the AOS internal IT team began looking for a new solution.

Receptionist Reports Old Console Distracted and Inhibited Productivity

AOS’ receptionist Stephanie Chaffee recalls both user experience and functionality issues with the original console that made it difficult for her to complete her duties. For one thing, she couldn’t be away from the front desk and answer a call. This became hindersome to Chaffee as she, like many front desk representatives, often move around the office during the day. Additionally, the receptionist found answering and transferring calls unnecessarily cumbersome. For example, an incoming call would appear in one field, but then prior to pick-up, the call moved to a new field. This caused the receptionist to perform extra dragging and dropping of lines with her mouse. Other features the team noticed lacking included the ability to change font size, as well as the ability to easily transfer to cell or home numbers.

Team Finds a Streamlined Console

Akkadian Console provides both features the front desk staff were searching for: streamlined call handling and flexible corporate directory software. For example, with Akkadian Console, home and cell numbers are part of the directory. Previously, the team was required to save these ancillary numbers as speed dials. This led to an overwhelming speed dial list with over 120 numbers. The team cut that number in half when they moved to Akkadian Console.

“Akkadian Labs truly understands how ease of access to number destination is important to the efficiency of a busy front desk phone system. Well done, Akkadian Labs,” Stephanie Chaffee, AOS, Receptionist.

Akkadian Console Is Intuitive and Flexible

It’s not a coincidence that Chaffee finds Akkadian Console intuitive to her busy receptionist role, or that over 500 companies use the software. Akkadian Labs designed the Akkadian Console to have a flexible yet intuitive interface that would leave users with little need for training. It’s not just the front office staff that found the console intuitive. The internal IT team for AOS was able to download the software directly from the Akkadian Labs site and setup in 15 minutes.
Moreover, Akkadian Console has continued to evolve since it was first introduced. Akkadian Labs offers multiple deployment options in addition to the original server-less Akkadian Console, which has over 5,000 licenses deployed. Akkadian Console is also available as a web or server deployment.

“The software is glitch-free. It’s a dream.” Stephanie Chaffee, AOS, Receptionist.

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Phone swap

Upgrade to New Cisco IP Phones With Akkadian Phone Swap

Provisioning Cisco Collaboration gets even easier with phone swap tool

The mobile app from Akkadian Provisioning Manager is just one way the Cisco UC provisioning tool is helps UC admins save time. Released alongside phone swap, are the self-provisioning and license pools features.

What is CUCM Phone Swap

What is CUCM phone swap? Phone Swap app provides the ability to swap or copy configurations between almost any Cisco IP phone. For example, the Cisco IP 7900 series has reached end-of-life. Many organizations are replacing these phones with a newer model. Without Akkadian Provisioning Manager, this can be a tedious task of manually provisioning the new phone, re-associating the line to the device, and then the device to the user. But, Akkadian clients have an easier, smarter way. Akkadian Phone Swap allows you to simply select the source phone, enter a few details about the destination phone and you are done.


The next time-saving feature we’re happy to announce is self-provisioning. When your company has a new employee starting, simply provision the user using  a dummy mac address. When the new employee first arrives at his new desk, he can complete the provisioning process by entering his self-service ID on the phone and Akkadian Provisioning Manager will handle the rest.

License pool manager

Our third new benefit saves time and money by helping to more effectively manage licensing in Cisco Communications Manager. Akkadian Provisioning Manager already does a great job of associating end users to phones, but what about situation where phones are not associated to users? These could be common area phones or phones in retail or manufacturing locations. License pool manager help organizations by:

  • Automatically creating local licensr users in CUCM
  • Automatically assigning phones to these license users
  • Managing the ongoing process as phoned are deleted and added to the CUCM end user template being used

Try Akkadian Provisioning Manager risk-free by scheduling a customized demo.

Easier and Faster Cisco Provisioning

Akkadian Provisioning Manager offers phone swap, self-provisioning, and license pools.

Cisco UC Provisioning Software

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Zero-touch Provisioning

Zero-Touch Cisco Collaboration Provisioning

Zero-touch provisioning has been used in the Cisco networking world, but how can you bring zero touch provisioning to Cisco Collaboration?

Akkadian Provisioning Manager connects IT and HR with our REST API.

Are you using ServiceNow? Workday? Peoplesoft? If so, then you could experience zero touch provisioning with Akkadian Provisioning Manager.

The Akkadian Provisioning Manager (APM) API is a game changer for those utilizing Cisco Collaboration as well as workflow systems. Now, if HR opens a ticket for a new employee in ServiceNow, for example, APM’s REST API initiates the provisioning process without the Cisco Collaboration administrator taking any action.  Plus, tickets for exiting employees will kick-off requests to decommission users. Welcome to zero-touch provisioning.

Join our customers leveraging Akkadian Provisioning Manager’s API to automate provisioning. Contact us to learn more about bringing Akkadian Labs’ Cisco Collaboration provisioning software into your workflow, or, get started by downloading  a free trial below.

Why not fully automate the provisioning process with APM’s REST API? To learn more about zero-touch provisioning and our native active directory click here.

Faster Cisco Collaboration Provisioning

Akkadian Provisioning Manager (APM) is a software solution that simplifies Cisco Collaboration provisioning.

akkadian provisioning manager express

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Top UC Software Company

Akkadian Labs Named Top 10 Unified Communications Solution Providers-2015

Enterprise Networking Magazine Selects Akkadian Labs for Top 10 Unified Communications Solution Providers 2015

The magazine’s annual list showcases Top 10 Unified Communications Solution Providers 2015. Akkadian Labs makes it to Enterprise Networking Magazine’s top Unified Communications Solution Providers list for being a key player in facilitating companies’ adoption and integration of Cisco Collaboration and other Unified Communications (UC) environments.

The positioning is based on the evaluation of Akkadian Labs’ Akkadian Console—having the ability to give administrators the ease of managing multiple inbound and outbound calls, with its simple yet efficient operating interface.

The annual list of companies is selected by a panel of experts and members of Enterprise Networking’s editorial board to recognize and promote technologies in the networking landscape.

Lena Headey, Editor-in-Chief, Enterprise Networking says:

Akkadian Labs has been on our radar for some time for stirring a revolution in the Unified Communication space, and we are happy to showcase them this year due to their continuing excellence in delivering top-notch UC solutions.

“Akkadian Labs’ solutions are creating new frontiers and opportunities in the UC domain, enabling organizations to optimize their communication quotient.”

“Akkadian Labs is honored to be recognized by Enterprise Networking Magazine’s panel of experts and thought leaders,” said Kristin Zimmerman, EVP Global Sales, Akkadian Labs.

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Akkadian Console_press release_version 4

Announcing Akkadian Console™ version 4.0

Akkadian Labs, a leading provider of Unified Communication Collaboration (UCC) solutions, proudly announces the upcoming release of its award-winning console operator, Akkadian Console™ version 4.0. Along with this new release, Akkadian Labs will be reducing pricing for the software.

“We are very excited about the new features and additional ease-of-use version 4.0 will provide our clients,” said Kris Zimmerman, Akkadian Labs Executive Vice President of Sales.

Features will include a new, modernized UI (user interface) that is sleek, yet familiar. The UI will provide improved call handling, enhanced call information and more. Additional features will include hunt group support enhancement, support for Cisco Unified Communications Manager version 11 and Management server support.

“We are also excited to announce the plan to provide multi-vendor support for Akkadian Provisioning Manager™, as well as a centralized (server-based) solution in the 4.x release roadmap,” said Tom Bamert, C.T.O. of Akkadian Labs.

“We are reducing the price of Akkadian Console to make it even more competitive in the marketplace,” said Zimmerman. “This will enable our partners to position what many feel is the best console on the market at comparable pricing levels, and offer existing and prospective clients continued pricing flexibility.”

Starting August 1st, pricing will be reduced to $995 per console.

Interested in trying Akkadian Console for free? Download a free trial or contact us to learn more on how to get started.

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